Wireless Network Design

Wireless Network Design

Wireless access is no longer thought of as a luxury service in the workplace – it’s essential! 

Five9 Solutions’ team of wireless network design experts understand this completely and provide wireless network services to support the design, deployment, and maintenance of wireless networks – including the ability to conduct assessments

Five9 Solutions helps identify roadblocks in your existing wireless network, as well as any areas that require additional support, which if left unattended, may cause reliability, availability, and performance issues.

Five9 Solutions’ 3-Step Wireless Network Design Process

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Review your existing wireless network 

To begin, our team will conduct a review of your existing wireless network designs, drawings, and installations in order to ensure that connectivity is at its height and available. We make sure that your existing wireless network is working for you and make a plan to rectify your network, if it is not up to industry standards.

Evaluate your wireless network for optimization and best design
After a review is conducted, our team will then perform a wireless network compatibility evaluation, including where your access points are mounted to ensure optimal placement. We do this to ensure that your wireless network is properly aligned.
Offer complete design and insight with custom reporting Once your review is completed, our team will then provide an in-depth report containing recommendations for remediating your wireless network design. We’ll provide you with an outline of our wireless design-build recommendation based upon the size of your organization; providing you with the most reliable wireless
network design solution.

Is your wireless network performing as it should?

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