Wireless Optimization

Five9 Optimization

Five9 Solutions offers Wireless Optimization services for businesses who require connectivity at every corner of their work environment – from the office to the edge. In a world where being connected to your network isn’t optional, businesses can no longer operate with wireless systems that are not always functional. Also, considering scale and demand for more speed, agility, and connectivity, conducting a wireless assessment is a routine operational requirement, not an optional project. 

Wireless Site Survey

Five9 Solutions steps in to begin their wireless optimization with a wireless site survey. This is a part of the optimization process that involves outlining a comprehensive heat map of connectivity, your network capacity, a drawing of your network with access point locations, as well as an RF interference analysis, Signal-to-Noise (SNR) graphs, a full layout of any rogue or misconfigured access points and a detailed list of security risks.

Comprehensive Wireless Coverage Map

Our team will outline for you what areas of your business struggle to obtain and maintain connectivity. This is essential when considering your business’s ability or inability to scale and create additional connectivity to meet workplace demand.

As-Built Overview of Current Wireless Network

We will outline your existing wireless network in detail – showing you each point of access and how every corner of your wireless network was constructed. This is extremely helpful for businesses that have had several managing entities working to build and maintain their network.

Identification and Remediation Recommendations for Security Risks and Further Optimization

  • If your business has any weak spots within its wireless network, we’ll be the first to let you know. With the number of businesses that are hacked into daily, in the United States alone, ensuring that not only your wired but also your wireless networks are secure is a necessity. Along with ensuring that your wireless network is secure, we will also provide you with a full report of suggested improvements to help build and maintain a healthy and safe wireless network. 


We understand wireless networks and how to properly architect them to support the day-to-day operations of any business. Our certified engineers implement industry best practices and deliver the following for every wireless optimization project:

  • Wireless site survey
  • Comprehensive wireless coverage heat map
  • Detailed, as-built overview of your current wireless network
  • Identify any security risks that are associated with your wireless network
  • Recommendations based on your business needs